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28 April 2015, 09:47
by Rattlebrained
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Am Back, Maybe..

Be warned that I am in the process of updating this blog to HTML5 and now have over 600 articles to check…

So to be upfront about it, if you end up on an error or blank page I’m very sorry. Just know that I’m doing my best to get it all working…

One thing that needs to be done is having small images for folks on their mobiles. For the moment that is not the case so beware of large image files!!!

Swamp Train a bit after we got washed out

29 July 2015, 17:46
by Rattlebrained
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Cruising The Canal With Swamp Train

Last Friday Swamp Train played on what turned into a very wet cruise; and the loss of two mixing tables…

A resume of the evening from our friend Beat (thanks!).

Vully Blues Club und Dreiseen Schifffahrt präsentieren:SWAMP TRAIN...

Posted by Beat Lüthy on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

And after the storm:


3 June 2015, 09:18
by Rattlebrained
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Blues Rules Crissier 2015

Looking back a few posts reminds me how little I’ve blogged these last years and how limited my subject matter is these days; my last post of any importance being about the 2013 edition of this great festival. However if this blog is to come back to the world of the living the Blues Rules festival seems as good a place as any to start; in fact better than most!

And start it did last Friday with Sarah Savoy’s Hell-Raising Hayride. She had already played in last years festival (and so did we – Swamp Train – you can read about it here: Blues Rules Heatwave) so I knew what this band puts out; and didn’t what to miss them!


14 September 2013, 11:29
by Rattlebrained

Blues Rules Crissier 2013

Already September, sheesh, where does time go… I’ve been wanting to write about the one night I was able to attend of this years Blues Rules which took place last May, but insomnia and various other things have kept my bloging to a minimum; you may have noticed.

The first three editions of what is IMO one of Switzerland’s best blues festival took place on the grounds of the castle of Crissier, just outside of Lausanne. But it seems that didn’t work out this year so the festival’s two founders, Vincent Delsupexhe & Thomas Lecuyer, had a great idea: they organized 4 tour dates European tour for some of their American bluesmen friends instead!

Robert Belfour - Blues Rules 2013
Left Lane Cruiser duo Brenn Beck and Joe Evans (far left) take in Robert Belfour

Always on a tight budget, I chose the first of these evenings since…